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How to Master Russian With Speaking Simulators

Всем привет. Здравствуйте. Как дела? Hi everybody. I am teacher Vladimir and Be Confident in Russian speaking training system. In this article, I will tell you how you can master Russian with our unique and very effective courses.

The greatest mistake almost all the foreign language learners make is that they believe that they can find a teacher or a learning program that will teach them a language easily and quickly. Forget about that. None of a teacher will be able to teach you if you yourself don’t do anything by yourself. Many foreign language learners believe that they can master a language and Russian language also within several weeks or months. Forget about that. A child masters his or her mother tongue on the basic level withing about 5 – 6 years. A child 100% immersed in a language environment, he or she hear a language every day and all the time, everyone around a child tries to teach him or her to speak a language every day and all the time, and only after 5 – 6 years of learning a child starts speaking a language more or less fluently and correctly. Why do many learners believe that they can master a language and start speaking within several weeks or several months just listening to a YouTube or a real teacher and repeating after him or her sometimes? Forget about that. I know that because I have already been learning Thai language like that for about 12 years. For 10 years, I have been teaching in Thailand, for 10 years I have been immersing in the Thai language environment, for 10 years, I have been speaking Thai with my students and with my wife, but still my Thai is on the poor basic level? Why? Because I have been learning Thai language in the same way as most of foreign language learners do. While having breakfast, I watch free Thai lessons in You Tube. While teaching my students, I ask Goggle to help me to translate one or another Thai word which I don’t know. I extend my vocabulary in such a way. One – two words in a week or in a month. I can explain English grammar in Thai language, I can Explain in Thai many things my students learn from their English books, but very often I don’t understand what my students say to me or when I hear Thai people talking with each other. It is because I have never made a serious effort on learning spoken Thai or on learning speaking Thai on a high level.

Russian language is more difficult than Thai, and if you learn it the same as I learn Thai, you will never master Russian even on a poor basic level. To help my students to start speaking Russian, I have invented a unique and a very effective learning technology which is called speaking simulator. All foreign language learners should understand that no one can start speaking a foreign language without enough speaking practice. My speaking simulators make my students think by themselves, make Russian sentences by themselves and speak by themselves getting automatic speaking skills in such a way.

Why do I need automatic speaking skills? you can ask me. Because you will not be able to speak a language fluently and correctly without automatic speaking skills. Before to say something, you will think how to say something, you will try to find words and make a correct sentence. Automatic speaking skills enable you to speak automatically and without thinking, just like you speak your native language. You cannot get automatic speaking skills watching You Tube videos or just listening to a teacher and repeating after him. To remember everything you learn and get automatic speaking skills you should repeat doing speaking and writing exercises many times. Scientists who study how our brain works discovered that we should repeat doing something at least 100 times in order to remember what we learn and get one or another skill. To understand what does it mean, just think about sportsmen or musicians. I think everybody knows and understands that they repeat doing the same things perhaps thousands of times before they perform one or another action perfectly. Why then many foreign language learners believe that they can master a language within a short period of time, without any effort and without practicing speaking?

To go up to the basic level, you should know about 3,000 words, you should also learn many grammar rules and practice speaking a lot. Usually, it takes at least 3 – 4 years to go from scratch up to the basic level on the condition that you work hard and spend at least 2 – 3 hours a day on learning a language. If you learn a language in the same way as I learn Thai, perhaps you will never go up to the basic level. In order to be able to speak a language you should practice speaking a lot. The more you practice, the better and faster will be the result. At that it is not enough just repeat everything you learn. To be able to speak a language, you should think by yourself, make sentences by yourself and speak by yourself. None of online Russian learning program helps learners to learn making sentences and speak Russian. Our learning programs are built on speaking simulations. They help our students to practice speaking and get automatic speaking skills. At first you look, listen and repeat after the speaker. In such a way you get familiar with sample sentences. Then you look, think and make a sentence by yourself in a pose. Then you hear a voice over and check if your sentence is correct. In such a way, you learn and practice making sentences and get automatic speaking skills. Speaking simulators look like you can see it in the following pictures.

sp sim pic

sp sim pic

Our speaking simulators are interactive learning tools. All pictures in a speaking simulator are clickable. However, you can enjoy all the interactive functions if you work with a speaking simulator on a computer. You can download a Power Point Show file to your computer and control your learning process by yourself. You can click any picture, you can click them one by one, you can click them randomly, you can click them slowly or quickly and in such a way to control what you learn and the pace of learning.

We built our courses and lessons so that you can master Russian step by step. The main problem of the Russian language is ever changing endings. It is almost impossible to remember all of them. And you will not have to do that. With our interactive and very effective learning tools, you will learn everything by doing. If you do all the speaking and writing exercises, you will remember everything automatically. Perhaps you don’t know, but our brain is constructed so that it can learn only by doing. If you want to know more about how our brain work while learning enroll to our free course about how to master Russian. Though it is free, it will help you to spare your time and money you spend on learning something.

To learn more about how our speaking simulators work, watch this video.

By for now. Good luck and all the best. See you at my lessons. Пока, всего Вам доброго и удачи. Увидимся на моих уроках.